Balance Method Acupuncture

What is

Balance Method Acupuncture?

The Balance Method is an evolved system of Acupuncture that was systematized, refined, and taught by the late Master Teacher Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan,   Dr. Tan is renowned for bringing to life thousands of years of fundamental concepts of balance enshrined in the foundational classics of Chinese medicine and philosophy and translating these into a logical integrated method of practice that brings quicker and longer lasting clinical results.  In addition, Balance Method practices are heavily rooted in a deep study of the I Ching (or YiJing) that ties the more esoteric, scholarly insights to a very practical application in healing patients.

What You Can Expect from a

Balance Method Practice

  • High clinical success rates through a series of treatments.
  • Individually customized treatments that address the presenting symptoms while always addressing the root causes.
  • Faster overall recovery times.
  • Pain relief is often within seconds of needle insertion.
  • Greater feeling of overall balance with each cumulative treatment.