COVID Policy

1. COVID-19 Policy & Procedures

Until further notice all patients with an appointment at Harlem Chi will receive NO EARLIER than 24 hours before their scheduled appointment a COVID Pre-Screening Form which they must fill out prior to coming in for their appointment. This form can be completed on any smartphone or computer.

Please note that the following policies remain in effect in the office (regardless of vaccination status):

2. Pre-Screening Procedures

As mentioned above, as part of our booking process everyone will receive, 24 hours before their scheduled appointment, a COVID Pre-Screening questionnaire, which they will need to fill out and sign, reviewing any possible COVID related symptoms in the last 14 days.  This helps you to not only self-screen prior to coming in but to help you determine whether perhaps a TeleHealth session might be most appropriate. We have been successful in helping people manage their symptoms with herbal formulas during the acute phase of the pandemic and would like to continue to do so.  Anyone who self-screens or is turned away because of symptoms of concern will be asked to contact us for an herbal consultation through TeleHealth services.

3. Treatment by Scheduled Appointment Only

In order to control all traffic in the office at all times, we require that everyone book their appointment online in advance.  Until further notice, we will not be accepting walk-ins. For those who prefer not to book online please call the office directly at (212) 280-7900 to book your appointment. If someone does not answer we will get back to you as early as possible to help with your booking. With this policy, we also seek to minimize the frequency of payment transactions in the office as well.

4. In-office screening will include checking your temperature and questions about symptoms you may be experiencing.

Anyone who has acute symptoms and fails the screening will not be able to proceed further but will have the option to book a TeleHealth appointment for further consultation and herbal medicine assistance from their home and/or decide to seek further medical attention.

5. Social Distancing in the Front Office

In addition to our reduction in capacity in our community treatment room. We ask that everyone please come alone to any appointments unless you require assistance. Please note that both you and whoever accompanies you must undergo the same above screening process to gain access to the office.

6. TeleHealth Services for Pre-Screened Herbal Consultations Only

We instituted TeleHealth services during the pandemic in an effort to respond to the needs of our patients when we were unable to see them. This will not change. However, we do not intend to have TeleHealth substitute for in-person consultations. Our in-person interaction with our patients is critical to how we perform our medicine. At this stage, the TeleHealth option will be available only for herbal consultations related to cases we are precluded from seeing in the office due to the pandemic. TeleHealth will also be available on a case-by-case basis for certain follow-up appointments and only when we have done a full in-person consultation prior.

7. Masks

Masks are required at all times inside the office and when interacting with our staff.