Diana found her heart’s work in traditional East Asian medicine with a purpose to make its resources for healing the body, mind and spirit available to more individuals and communities. In her journey of practicing this medicine, she has received abundant gifts of healing while providing support for others’ health. She is grateful to her teachers, her patients who teach and inspire in their capacity to heal, and the presence of ancestors and nature’s intelligence in daily life. 

Diana is national-board certified in acupuncture and herbology. Some of her formative post-graduate trainings include Advanced Acupuncture in Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Care, inpatient care in labor and delivery and neuro-ortho rehabilitation, and Whole Heart Connection teacher training. Diana exclusively practices the Balance Method, a lineage she is committed to for its clinical efficacy, foundation in yi jing studies, and ways of listening to the body. She continues to deepen her practice of the Balance Method through the certification process in acupuncture, self-cultivation and Ba Zi. 

As a former academic, Diana is interested in acupuncture research, the history of activism and work of pioneers like the Young Lords, Dr. Mutulu Shakur and Dr. Miriam Lee who helped seed acupuncture in the U.S., and currents of traditional medicine in contemporary movements for health justice. She is a first-generation immigrant from Korea who grew up with the wisdom of elders who farmed and cultivated medicinal herbs, and she is happy to be working, parenting, and thriving in Harlem.