It’s true, being stuck with needles—no matter how small—doesn’t sound very appealing to many people. But acupuncture really isn’t frightening at all. Acupuncture’s been around for thousands of years and has been used to attain a variety of health benefits from helping to reduce chronic pain to helping with low energy levels. Unfortunately, people usually only consider acupuncture when their doctor can’t help them through other treatments or their prescriptions no longer work for their ailments. If you’re one of those people that are hesitant, read on and let these five reasons convince you to give acupuncture a try.

Health Care That’s Personalized

You’ve heard that “no two snowflakes are alike”, right? Well, the same is true of acupuncture treatments for pain or illness. Acupuncturists view your body as a system of parts that support one another: bones, organs, bodily fluids, muscles, connecting tissues and blood in addition to layers of qi and meridians. They’re taught to notice everything about you: from the condition of your skin to how your voice sounds to the light in your eyes. They’re trained to discover—both physically and mentally—what’s not working properly within your body as well as what’s lacking and make changes where it’s needed to promote your body to heal itself.

Treating the Source of the Problem

It’s possible for acupuncture to be extremely healing since it focuses on the present problem of the patient. Yet, these treatments can also seek out the reasons that their symptoms are appearing and remedy the issue’s basic origin.  Indeed, even with acute physical pain the acupuncturist will work to move from the immediate relief stage to a corrective stage to help you get to the root of the imbalance that has led to the pain.

Terrific Side Effects

If you were to go for treatments for your migraines, for instance, you might discover that the frequency of migraines may decrease. But there are many other things that could improve too such as your mood, sleep, stress level and digestion.

Have No Fear

There is no reason to be afraid or nervous. You might feel a small, brief pinch from the sterile, tiny acupuncture needles; however, enduring chronic pain is much worse than anything you’ll feel from those needles.  (To read more about the experience of acupuncture go to our Frequently Asked Questions section of the Harlem Chi website.)

Acupuncture Works!

Well, let’s put it this way, if acupuncture didn’t work then it wouldn’t have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. For years, modern scientists have been trying to figure out the workings of acupuncture from a biomedical view and have yet to agree on all of acupuncture’s effects.  However, very interesting studies in embryology and better understanding of how our body works beyond a strict biomedical lens is helping to reveal the science behind this ancient medical system. More importantly, over many years, acupuncturists have evolved and learned what works best for their patients—and there are millions of satisfied patients!


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