Spending time in nature teaches us among other things that we and all things are connected. While elements in a natural setting can exist for a time isolated and on their own, they will not thrive without the balance that connectedness brings. Each element provides necessary support to the other elements and there is a constant give and take – an exchange of energy. These energy exchanges occur on macroscopic and microscopic levels as well as on an energetic level that cannot be seen.

In many ways Western-style living has disconnected us from this intuitive knowledge. We live and work in man-made settings on a daily basis with little interaction with nature around us. Many of us do not know our neighbors even though we may have lived near them for many years. Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, yet we are constantly reminded how disconnected we continue to feel.  In many ways we may have lost our sense and understanding of this natural connectedness but the connection is still there; it cannot be lost.  Though we have been culturally educated to ignore it, we naturally seek this connectedness in many forms.

Because we are so often isolated from one another in our everyday lives, we may not be tuned into the energy exchanges. However, we have all had the experience of walking into a room where people have been arguing; you can literally feel the tension in the air. We have also experienced walking into a party where everyone is happy and having fun.  Your body picks up that energy and it has the power to change the chemicals in your system, changing your mood.

We are taught to value our privacy; especially when we are ill or in pain. We just want to be left alone – but by seeking ways to connect with the healing energies of others we are able to utilize that energy to enhance healing. We can learn to be comfortable with those energetic connections again. In many ways Community Acupuncture allows us to tap into that natural connection that we all have. In an atmosphere of healing, we naturally begin to support and enhance one another’s healing process through those energetic connections. An open, group room allows those energies to flow freely between all of the living things in that open space. As acupuncture taps into and releases our body’s natural relaxation and healing energies, those positive energies will flow through the space back and forth between each person, seeking a natural balance.

It is a group energy that is very palpable.  As the acupuncturist in the community room I am acutely aware of how energies shift as people step into the community room and how easier it is to get people to relax the more people are in the room — which to most might sound counter-intuitive.

If you are new to acupuncture, in addition to experiencing the impressive clinical effects of acupuncture, I encourage you to pay attention to the group healing energy as well.  I have yet to speak to a patron who does not attest to it. 😉

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  • Wow, this article iѕ fastidious, mу younger sister
    is analyzing these kiinds ᧐f things, so I ɑm going to let
    know hеr.

    Posted August 8, 2022 at 6:37 am

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