Often during your course of treatment your practitioner will find the need to prescribe herbal medicine.  Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture are complementary therapeutic modalities often used together in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions.  

Over thousands of years, Chinese herbology has evolved into an art form of its own.  Ancient herbal information has been gathered, compiled, formulated, tested, and handed down from generation to generation.  Today, traditional Chinese herbal prescriptions continue to be prescribed because they are a powerful therapeutic method.  The Chinese pharmacopeia consists of over 2,000 herbs.  All of these herbs are classified according to their energetic qualities, functions, and the different organs, meridians, and disharmonies they address.

Individual herbs are combined in order to enhance their actions and effects upon the body.  When combined, a unique, synergistic formula is created.  This combination increases the benefits of a particular formula, and minimizes any harmful side effects.

Practitioners at Harlem Chi source from Western herbalism as well as their own native cultural herbal traditions to come up with the best herbal prescriptions for their patients.  

Herbal medicine may be prescribed to help alleviate your presenting symptoms at the symptomatic stage, to support your body through a corrective stage, or for general overall support along your healing journey.

Notwithstanding what stage of treatment Herbal medicine is prescribed it always provides a root-level approach rather than a symptom cover.  As such it carries fewer or no side effects, treats the actual cause of illness rather than suppressing the symptoms and provides a more affordable treatment option.

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